MAPGRAPH in Safe Food Production

MAPGRAPH, under the brand name Aquatiq BioMap, is in extensive use in food production facilities worldwide. Aquatiq BioMap offers a complete, web-based solution for safe food production, monitoring the industrial environment, cleaning, water, and product - both for microbiological and chemical parameters.

One keystroke to updated analytical data

Quick and real-time output, as early as possible, resulting in more accurate data that provide the desired effect – better food safety.

BioMap imports and organizes all laboratory data, whether it is from an internal lab or received from external laboratories. Trends on data will be viewed online immediately after the analytical result is imported into BioMap.

Data is validated on an ongoing basis and deviations are notified. You always have access to your test results – no matter where you are, and they can easily be shared between colleagues and customers.

Aquatiq BioMap saves time and resources, ensures continuity, and contributes to effective quality management, enabling faster action.

BioMap is traded worldwide by our partner and distributor Aquatiq AS.

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