EnviTech Data Protection and Ownership Statement

Location with the highest security level

MapGraph servers are co-located at a server facility for national authorities. The location has been carefully selected at the junction between two or more regional power grids. If one grid falls out, others will still be operative. The facility also has reserve power generators. The same principle is applied to the large internet access capacity, serving the population at peak events. Access control, both virtual and of people, has the highest security level.

Multiple backups of your data

MapGraph is a backup in itself, of data continuously pouring in from all kinds of sources. These sources are laboratories, SCADA systems, waste weight systems, financials, or any kind of databases, even public data on the internet such as local climate data. The only exeption may be measuring stations (IoT) provided by MapGraph or others, that stream measurements directly to our servers. Those will be limited to the logging capacity at the device.Our servers are backed up daily at the facility. In addition a second backup is done daily to another location.

Data ownership

The data in MapGraph is owned by the client in full. The customer may at any time copy any selection of data back to company servers.


EnviTech AS are not permitted in any way to utilize the data for any other purpose.

These systems and procedures safeguard your data at the highest available level of security.