EnviTech provides our clients with the following services:

Installation – with minimal workload on your hand.

  • We set up 24-7 imports from all kinds of sources, from labs, databases, IoT stations, the internet, and others.
  • We gather and document history from these sources as far back as you want. From databases, previous labs, excel sheets, and other sources.
  • We tailor dashboards, graphs and reports to your preferences.
At no risk. At a fixed cost. Delivered before invoicing.

Operation – ready for your reporting

  • MAPGRAPH continuously imports and validates data.
  • Always updated. You are notified of deviations.
  • One keystroke to analytical data.  All environmental data in one archive.
  • MAPGRAPH ensures continuity across changing staff.
  • Share information with colleagues, stakeholders, and the public.

Support – we are a keystroke away…

  • We assist you on Teams or any platform to your preference…
  • We assist you with data management when needed.
  • We assist you to prepare for audits.
  • We assist you to prepare reports for authorities.
  • We assist you to set up yearly sampling plans.
  • New employees get started quickly with our training and support.
EnviTech support
Get freedom to focus on the professional challenges.
Get ready for the future with MAPGRAPH Environment!