MAPGRAPH Wastewater and Effluents

MAPGRAPH Wastewater compiles sewage and wastewater treatment plant data into detailed reports for performance review, documenting compliance with permits and impact on the environment.

MAPGRAPH Wastewater presents the water quality and purification rates by compiling measurement data from wastewater inlets, overflows and outlets, as well as data from the surrounding environment, upstream and downstream. Laboratory analysis results are imported and converted into standardised formats in MAPGRAPH Wastewater with a focus on presenting operational data documenting compliance with permits and according to authority requirements.

  • Automate import from all laboratories, from metering systems and other sources into one.
  • Integrate weather information to correlate with plant performance, flow and chemistry usage.
  • Document environmental impact by comparing upstream and downstream values.
  • MAPGRAPH Reports for optimizing chemistry, operation and performance.
  • MAPGRAPH Reports to authorities on required formats.
  • Collect Inspection Reports, operational information and observations from Daily Records
  • MAPGRAPH Wastewater saves time and ensures continuity.

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