MAPGRAPH Green Accounting Metrics

MAPGRAPH Green Accounting is a cloud service for the continuous collection of all kinds of data being compiled into efficient reports for environmental monitoring and reporting.

MAPGRAPH Environment provides a complete web-based system for environmental monitoring and information management. We import and organise your laboratory and environmental data from all sources. The data is continuously validated, and deviations are reported. Your environmental data can be accessed from anywhere and shared across organisations.

MAPGRAPH Green Accounting saves time, ensures continuity, and contributes to efficient environmental management.

  • Continuous data from laboratories, production systems, metering stations, and all kinds of data sources is arranged into efficient reports.
  • Early warning of deviations and data source failure.
  • 2-step validation of data allowing overview and control of data quality.
  • MAPGRAPH Reports documenting compliance with permits.
  • Always up to date and ready for reviews and audits.

MAPGRAPH Green Accounting – A necessary tool in quality management.

A lot of resources are allocated to collecting data manually from several sources once or several times a year. A more systemic approach will save time and reduce costs while also improving data integrity.

There is an increasing need to be transparent and to present environmental information to customers, shareholders and stakeholders, and the public at large. Industrial companies must take care of this documentation in an orderly and systematic manner, always prepared for several purposes:

  • For the continuous monitoring and early warning of deviations.
  • For internal reporting and quality assurance.
  • For periodic or annual reporting to authorities documenting compliance with permits.
  • For transparency and documentation in accordance with the ESG guidelines (Environmental, Social and Governance – relevant to public-interest companies with more than 500 employees).

Some companies need to be prepared for audits at any time. And companies should not have to start assembling data after an accident to evaluate the impact and consequences.

MAPGRAPH Environment offers an accounting system for documenting industrial emissions and effluents according to the UN Protocol On Pollutant Release And Transfer Registers – PRTR – implemented by nations worldwide, in Europe as the E-PRTR.

The MAPGRAPH PRTR Reports are adapted to national requirements and formats. Continuous data registration and validation facilitate revisions and audits at any time, as well as efficient yearly reporting to national authorities.

Data tables and graphics can be exported from MAPGRAPH to Office tools, making the process of sharing data with colleagues and authorities a simple and efficient task. We also facilitate templates for exporting to national databases.

Effortless implementation – We set it up for you

Upon ordering a startup meeting will be held to review the scope and set a schedule. Continuous data import is then set up. Historical data will be included to provide valuable information and analysis tools from Day One. Your workload is limited to providing data access and accepting the setup.

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