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MAPGRAPH Environment

MAPGRAPH Environment is a Cloud Solution for efficient environmental monitoring and information management.

The system consists of several products aimed at both public and private organizations whether your responsibility is drinking water, wastewater, or general environmental management.

Learn how MAPGRAPH can improve your monitoring and reporting.

Envitech AS is a Norwegian technology company focused on IT solutions for the environmental sector. Our key system MAPGRAPH Environment is used by public and private organizations globally.

Our system MAPGRAPH Environment is used today by public and private companies all over the world. In MAPGRAPH, unique environmental knowledge is combined with modern web technology, and the solutions save time and resources, ensure continuity and contribute to effective environmental management.

Hundreds of water utilities and wastewater treatment plants use the MAPGRAPH Environment to monitor the water environment, optimize water processes, and document compliance with permits.

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– the world’s most important resource…

MAPGRAPH Drinking Water

MAPGRAPH Drinking Water Quality provides companies and their customer with direct and on-demand access to updated water quality.

The solution consists of cloud software for efficient import and management of water data -and a Portal module for publishing to the public from your home pages.

MAPGRAPH Wastewater

Presents water quality from the inlet, overflow, and outlet of wastewater treatment plants. Emissions can be compared with data from the surroundings, upstream, and downstream, for environmental impact. Analysis results are imported and converted to standardized formats.

Hundreds of wastewater treatment plants and waterworks use MAPGRAPH Environment to monitor the aquatic environment, optimize water processes, and document compliance with permits.

MAPGRAPH River Basin

MAPGRAPH River Basin is a cloud service for monitoring the water quality of watersheds and larger water areas, or for close supervision of individual water sources. Updated lab results are always available, and it is possible to automatically share this information with colleagues and the public.

Inform the public of up-to-date water quality for beaches and other monitored bathing spots. MAPGRAPH Bath Water Portal conveys water quality in accordance with EU’s water directive.

MAPGRAPH Environment

Includes the following cloud-based Software and as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

– MAPGRAPH Drinking Water Quality

– MAPGRAPH Wastewater

– MAPGRAPH River Basin

– MAPGRAPH Waste and Landfill

– MAPGRAPH Air Quality

– MAPGRAPH Food Production

Industries using MAPGRAPH

MAPGRAPH Environment saves time, ensures continuity and contributes to efficient environmental management.