MAPGRAPH Waste and Landfill

MAPGRAPH Waste and Landfill is a cloud solution for the monitoring and documentation of waste management facilities and landfills. Continuous access to updated environmental data and early warning of events ensure secure operation and effective environmental management. MAPGRAPH can be configured and adapted to meet the requirements of each individual client.
  • Automated import is set up from all laboratories.
  • Leachate effluents are documented against permits, concentrations, and total load.
  • Real-time calculation of water balance for the contributing watershed area.
  • Weight systems are interfaced, with waste volumes in and waste fractions out.
  • Field metering stations for any purpose are interfaced, such as climate stations, gas wells, and groundwater level monitoring.
  • Cloud service adds data security.
  • Mapgraph saves time and ensures continuity.

Leachate monitoring – early warning and reporting

Laboratory analysis results are collected automatically from laboratories.

MAPGRAPH Waste contains sophisticated tools for information management, reporting and graphical presentation of the data.

Online water balance calculation

Based on available data, an up to date water balance is calculated. Precipitation from weather stations, leachate flow, water level in groundwater wells and evaporation parameters are all possible inputs into this calculation to visualize and understand water balance variations.

Waste volumes in – waste fractions out

The system collects data automatically from weight systems, monitoring stations or manual registrations. Wide indexing allow powerful and flexible reporting for many purposes. MAPGRAPH Waste ensures a complete overview of waste flow in and out of the facility with valuable reporting and documentation.

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